Hand pressed with natural ingredients, our therapeutic aromas and soothing oils are refreshing to the body and healing to your skin. And as life would have it...you might just find a little surprise waiting for you at the end.


Happy BirthdayApricot oil, vanilla essential oil, bath confetti. Candle inside.


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds -  Almond oil, grapefruit, geranium and chamomile essential oils, fragrance oil. Rough cut diamond inside


Mama Said -  Natural jojoba oil, grapefruit essential oils, milk bath, fragrance. Cameo inside.


Man of Constant Sorrow - Avocado oil, tee tree and eucalyptus essential oils, epson salts, fragrance oil *great for achy joints and muscles


Tiny Dancer - Natural Sweet Almond Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Fragrance. Ballet Shoe Ring Inside


Whiskey Lullaby - Sesame oil, lemon and eucalyptus essential oils, pacific sea salt, rose hips, ginseng, vitamin C. *Great for headaches and sinus troubles

Musee Bath Bombs